Current Members
Please note we are in process of changing membership systems. Please sign in to book equipment or sign up for classes on the Events / Classes page.

Monthly Maker

This is the all access pass.  You can come to the shop anytime we are open, and even book the equipment online so you know it will be here waiting on you.  You also get discounted training classes on the equipment, and help from our staff whenever you need it. Join now for only $60 per month!   Start making projects, expanding your business, or learning something new today.

Weekend Maker

So you have heard about Maker13, and perhaps you are even interested in giving us a try, but you only have time to make it in on the weekend.  We understand that, and that is why we have the Weekend Maker pass.  Gain access to our equipment on Friday night and all day Saturday for the low price of $35 per month.  As with the all access pass, you can book equipment online, and get discounted rates on classes.

Year Maker

You are committed, you love it, and you want to be here for the long run. Plus, what is better than saving some money while making projects, expanding your business, or learning something new? Get 12 months for the cost of 11 with this option. For only $660, you gain full access to the shop for a year, discounted classes, and help from our staff when you need it.

Sponsored Maker

Here at Maker13 we have partnered with some really great organizations, and one of them is the Ogle foundation.  If you are a student (Full or Part time) at IUS, Purdue, IVY Tech, or Prosser School of Technology then you could be eligible for a sponsored membership from the Ogle Foundation.  What does this get you?  How about full access to the shop and two training classes per month for only $20!  Apply now for this amazing opportunity.