We are Maker13.

A Community Workshop

Who we are.

We come from different backgrounds; Manufacturing, Banking, and Entrepreneurship with a wide range of degrees. We know what it takes to start a business, learn a new skill, and learn a new trade.


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Engineering /

The #13

Why 13? Is that a lucky number? What does it MEAN!? It is somewhat of a lucky number for the team, but it has become more than that as the shop is built out. It has taken on the symbolism of you providing 1 Idea, and we provide 3 supporting parts. We want to help you bring that Idea to life by provide you with the Tools (1), Training (2), and Space (3) to make it happen.

The Plan

Maker13 operates off of the Memberships and Classes. Funds collected help bring in new equipment, maintain current equipment, pay a trained staff to be on hand to help, and host community events. We have an every growing list of tools, and will continuously add to list. The community workshop is only as good as the ideas made in it. Without you we are just a warehouse of equipment and tools.

Safety Training

Maker13 provides the tools, training, and space, but you are the one using all these things. Every member takes on a personal responsibility to be safe, and use the tools in a proper fashion. Before being allowed to use the equipment you must complete a safety training and be checked out on the equipment. Even after you are checked out on the equipment, if staff sees you operating equipment in an unsafe way you will be asked to stop and may have to pay for a re-test / additional training.

Maker Mobile

Maker13 manages and supports the Maker Mobile (www.makermobile.info) The Maker Mobile is a non-profit educational trailer meant to further connect the community to workshops/makerspaces in the community and surrounding communities. We can use the Maker Mobile to bring a shop to you. Check out the Maker Mobile webpage, www.makermobile.info, for information about where it is going and how you can use it.

How we work.

1 Maker13 is a maker space that will serve the Southern Indiana area by giving people and small businesses access to the tools, training, and knowledge to create new ideas, start new businesses, create local art, and drive an interest in advanced manufacturing.

2 At Maker13, we have seen through other maker spaces in the US that communities can be built up, businesses can scale up faster, and employment numbers can grow. The maker space will have 3d printers, laser etchers, wood shop, metal shop, textile area, and 3d modeling workstations plus training/tests for each area.

3 Once you have your idea, and build it we can help you form your own business, and market your product. Maker13 will help you from start to finish.