Recently, here at Maker13 we were able to work with another local company, Kentucky Straight Ice, to help them bring a concept into a product.  What is Kentucky Straight Ice? Why don’t we let them tell you: “Kentucky Straight Ice enthusiasts are not customers, but connoisseurs. They understand that top-shelf spirits require a high quality ice pairing, which will not dilute or contaminate their drinks. Kentucky Straight Ice delivers the perfect pairing for spirits, by providing an aesthetically pleasing, flavorful, and consistent drink with each and every sip.

If you are a premium spirits enthusiast, please don’t roll the dice with a ‘mystery ice’. Ask your bartender for Kentucky Straight Ice: The Official Ice of Kentucky Straight Bourbon.™”

In short, Kentucky Straight Ice (KSI) makes custom ice for pairing with your favorite adult beverage.  Up until they met Maker13, they were unable to customize that specialty ice with logos or company names as was often requested.  Makers 46 had contacted KSI to make custom ice for an event, and after a couple of meetings at Maker13 we were able to design the brand in SolidWorks, 3D print an original for the casting process in our Ultimaker 3d printers, and outsource a casted brand in less than two weeks.  How did it all turnout?  You be the judge, but we think it looks really good.  Nice working with you KSI, and keep on with those ice cold dreams!  Want to find out more about KSI?  Check out their website,, and find them on Facebook.

Do you have an idea or dream, but don’t know where to start?  Stop by Maker13 and ask how we can help.  We have all of the tools and the training for those tools to help you bring your ideas to life.



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